Urban Photo Race

Client Stichting Urban Photo Race
Year 2018



Challenge Your Perspective

The Urban Photo Race is a photo marathon and the ultimate challenge for any urban photographer who just wants someone to set the rules and go! It's a great way of challenging your perspective on the city you are racing in.


Project role

› Branding
› Art Direction

› Design Direction

Visual Identity Design
Visual Communication
Exhibition Design

We were asked to set the creative direction for the Urban Photo Race. It started by taking a closer look at the definition of the words: urban, photo and race. The three words are all very powerful and recognisable on their own, and as a combination they communicate very clearly what the race is about. It is the starting point of the dynamic identity system.

Then we focused on celebrating the UPR community by including particants’ photographs within all visual communications. This meant I was  able to showcase their photos publicly, creating a sort of street exhibition.

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