Secret 7"

Initiative Secret 7"
Year 2018
Photography Tom Bergman
Model Lisa Kobzina
Visagie Violette van Zandbeek

Note Exhibited at The Jetty, London



London Grammar - Help

Secret 7” is a creative initiative that since 2012 have produced 3,500 one-of-a-kind records for 35 different tracks and raised over £175,000 for various charities. This year, profit is being donated to Mind – the mental health charity. Each record has 7 tracks from 7 of the best-known musicians, and on 24th June, 700 bespoke sleeves designed by creatives all over the world were available for sale. We designed a cover based on the song Help by London Grammar.


Project role

+ Creative Direction
+ Art Direction

Graphic Design

The melancholy elongated call for ‘Help’ from London Grammar just sends a shiver down your spine the first time you hear it; this is what led to our concept of capturing the feeling of goosebumps – an overwhelming sense of emotion that causes the hair on your body to stand.

Much like the song, we wanted to capture this feeling as natural as possible, so it was our challenge to firstly find a model, and secondly stimulate goosebumps on her skin. We wanted it to be delicate and beautifully shot, but with an unsettling crop of the skin texture.

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