Client Goud voor Hout
Text & Photos Robert Lagendijk
Year 2018

Studio photography Tom Bergman
* Realised via Voordekunst



A Paper Monument for the Old Timber Harbour of Amsterdam

Metamorphosis is a collection of stories about Amsterdam’s Old Timber Harbour, by photographer and writer Robert Lagendijk who has followed the ups and downs of the neighbourhood for years.


Project role

+ Creative Direction
+ Art Direction
+ Image Curation

Editorial Design
Exhibition Design
Campaign Design

The publication is a unique compilation of sixteen stories told by a diverse group of specialists: a city planner, a squatter and activist from the eighties, a city ecologist, a fisherman, a timber merchant, a bridge keeper and many more.

Metamorphosis slowly reveals its secrets and constantly changes during the unfolding. This sense of movement was inspired by the constant change throughout the Old Timber Harbour’s history and its surrounding working-class neighbourhoods. Both the illustrations of the wooden logs and the paper and cardboard materiality of the publication reference the original function of the Old Timber Harbour.

To realise the project a crowdfunding campaign was set up. After a month of campaigning we realised our goal and were able to start the production of 500 publications.

The goal was to get financial support for the printwork. Donators could support the campaign in return for a book, a poster and a portrait photo taken by Robert Lagendijk.

The book presentation was held at Werkgebouw Het Veem overlooking the Old Timber Harbour. For the exhibition during the book launch we took inspiration from construction grounds and placed a contruction fence in the middle of the space surrounded by posters.

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