Aware Media

Client Aware Media
Year 2015



A production company that stands apart through its passion and dedication to the visual media

Aware Media wants to bring that extra motivation and passion to their clients and help them to communicate their message in a very storytelling driven way.


Project role

+ Art Direction
+ Design Direction

Visual Identity Design

For Aware Media we developed a bold and clear identity system and logo mark in which we used the first letter of their name, the 'A', and transformed that into an eye by flipping it 90°. The eye represents 'being aware' and with that awareness is how they capture the right stories for their clients.

After sending in the logo animation to Stefan Sagmeister he reviewed it on his Instagram with the caption: 

"@studio_paul writes: I did this logo for the video production company Aware Media, based on the eye.⠀

my review: This is an unusual eye, which is what you would look for when hiring a production company. Love the shadows and love the blinking. Even though it stands sideways, the 'A' for Aware is still visible."

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