2018-04-16 - Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Spring cleaning, a fresh website and a new approach

Spring cleaning, a fresh website and a new approach

With spring kicking in and everybody catching their first rays of sun, we chose to lock ourselves away to redo our website. And man, we are definitely not programmers...

But here it is, we are finally live! We made a new selection of our projects, some of which are hot off the press. For example, the Metamorphosis publication and the Urban Photo Race identity went live in the last few weeks, and if you're interested, UPR will have their very first race of 2018 on the 21st of April (get your tickets here).
The approach of this new website is to position Paul Bergman as a studio instead of just me – Paul – as an independent designer. I realized that since I always work collaboratively, whether that's with freelance strategists, designers or an intern, I always work in a team, so it seemed a logical and exciting next step to reposition the studio to reflect this.
The new website also includes a journal where we will share updates on the studio's progress, intern experiences and our latest projects, as well as reposting inspiring articles or other creatives' work that we like. So watch this space!
But that's not the only news we have to share. Currently, I am looking for a partner in crime to co-found a new multidisciplinary design studio that has the ambition to build character for ambitious clients and projects. So please check this call for collaboration for more info and  get in touch if you're interested, inspired ...or just curious!

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